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All natural ranch-raised Shorthorn beef

  • hormone free

  • antibiotic free

  • GMO free

Our Product 

At Peak View Ranch, no antibiotics or hormones are used to promote growth in our cattle raised for beef.  Utilizing generations of selective Shorthorn genetics and employing a sustainable, all-natural feeding model, our ranching family has developed and enjoyed some of the highest quality beef available.  Now you can bring the same ultimate eating experience home to your family.  

Our Customers, Our Partners

When you purchase PVR beef, you are doing more than buying a premium product.  You are partnering with us in having the most favorable impact on our planet.  Using the most sustainable management practices and leaving the lowest carbon footprint, PVR brings you a new standard of excellence in beef production.  When it comes to providing your health-conscious family or competitive athlete with a wholesome source or protein, PVR beef exceeds expectations in taste, consistency and quality.

Our Ranch, Our Cattle


Situated in the clean air of the southeastern Colorado grasslands, Peak View Ranch runs 100 head of all-red Shorthorn cows.   Shorthorns are a British breed and have more marbling, or intramuscular fat, in their meat, giving it the juicy, delicious flavor that differentiates it from other cattle breeds.  Shorthorn rank #1 in British Breed Cutability, which indicates tenderness and quality of texture.  They also have less trim, or waste, making Shorthorn beef a better value for your hard earned dollar.

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